Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fudge Denies Trump Leads Clinton in Ohio: 'They're Not Polling My People'

Sheila Jackson Lee Decries Automatic Weapons Ownership in Speech on Gun Violence

Canada discovers its first Muslim refugee to become a cabinet member faked her background

The American Thinker

Senate Votes 97-1 to Override Obama Veto of Saudi 9/11 Lawsuit Bill


FBI: Three Times More Americans Stabbed To Death In 2015 Than Killed By Rifles, Shotguns Combined

FBI: 'Unusual' for Clinton to bring nine lawyers to FBI interview

The Washington Examiner reports:
FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton's decision to bring nine lawyers to her interview with investigators in early July was "unusual."

"It's unusual to have that large a number, but it's not unprecedented," Comey said during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.
For you rookies out there: you will not be able to bring nine lawyers to your "get together" with the FBI.

David Sirota Reminds Us Democrats say Trump has been a racist/misogynist for decades. So why did the Clintons choose to go to his wedding and hang out with him?

Matt Yglesias(Democrat-GE-Hillary Clinton) Expresses Worry That Young People Might Not Vote In Big Numbers According to Gallup Poll Numbers.

Campus debate on Black Lives Matter called racist, shut down by protesters (VIDEO)

The College Fix

I've worked in HR for 15 years — here are the 4 things hiring managers don't want you to know

The Business Insider

More than half of Hillary Clinton voters "believe whites have too much influence in society," according to new poll

In U.S., Preference for Divided Government Lowest in 15 Years


Hillary Clinton is up slightly in the first major poll after the debate

The Business Insider reports:
Hillary Clinton has experienced a slight bump in Morning Consult's national tracking poll, the first major poll partially conducted after Monday night's presidential debate.

According to the latest survey, taken Monday and Tuesday, Clinton leads Donald Trump in a two-way matchup with 45% support to his 41% support among registered voters nationally.

In a four-way race including Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, and Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee, Clinton garnered 41% support to Trump's 38%. Johnson received 8% support and Stein received 4%.
Bump? Stay tuned.

Hillary Bankroller George Soros: ‘Implicit Bias’ A Ploy To Change Anti-Discrimination Laws

The Daily Caller

Alicia Machado on whether she was getaway driver in a murder: 'I'm not a saint girl'

Comey: Justice Dept. Gave Mills Immunity, Not FBI

Elizabeth Warren against charter school increase

The Boston Herald reports:
U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has come out against the ballot question that would lift the cap on charter schools, after taking heat for staying on the fence.

“Education is about creating opportunity for all our children, not about leaving many behind,” Warren said in a statement. “I hope that the Legislature, the teachers, and the parents can come together to find ways to make sure all kids in Massachusetts get a first-rate education without pitting groups against each other.”
Elizabeth Warren: fighter for the status quo. Some white chicks ,in politics, want to keep minorities on the public school plantation.

Morning Joe roasts Howard Dean for cocaine accusation against Trump, calls for apology

Rosie O'Donnell Rips 'Orange Anus' Donald Trump After Another Debate Insult (Video)

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Rosie O’Donnell called Donald Trump an “orange anus” in response to the GOP presidential candidate’s assertion during the debate Monday that she “deserves” to be insulted.
Imagine that.

Republican Lead In Early Ballots in Florida Grows to 140,000

Florida Division of Elections. As of 09/28/2016 6:38AM the Republicans lead by 140,000 ballots in Florida.

Wikileaks, If Clinton Becomes POTUS, Soros Will Be In Control of Shadow GOVT

White House to veto Obamacare mandate exemption bill

RT reports:
President Barack Obama is set to veto a Republican-passed bill that gives people an exemption from penalties if they purchase health insurance through Obamacare co-ops, but then lose their plan because the co-op failed.

"These options are available to all consumers in these circumstances, not just those enrolled in coverage through co-ops," said the Office of Management and Budget on Tuesday, which issued a statement on the White House’s stance on the veto, and argued the measure was unnecessary.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Adrian Smith (R-Nebraska) “would create a bad precedent for using exemptions from the individual-responsibility provision to address unrelated concerns about the Affordable Care Act,” the White House said.
The Obama regime's cartellized health insurance scheme doesn't want captive consumers to stop paying for overpriced health insurance.

Clinton thinks Trump’s privilege is different from hers. Eager to connect with working-class voters, the 1 percenter argues she earned her money.


Former Miss Universe slams Melania Trump: 'I speak more English than her’

Gowdy Questions During New Orleans Sanctuary City Hearing

Poll: California Voters Want to Continue High Taxes on Those Who Make Over $250,000 a year, first enacted in 2012.

The S.F. Chronicle reports:
Prop. 55 is a 12-year extension on personal income tax increases for earners making over $250,000 a year, first enacted in 2012. The revenue — between $4 billion and $9 billion a year, depending on the economy and stock market — would be directed to primary and community college education and, in some years, health care.
The new slave masters want to tax the productive. No word yet on whether the state of Texas is secretly behind Prop. 55.

Federal agent accidentally shoots deputy sheriff while unloading handgun

The L.A. Times reports:
Authorities say a federal agent accidentally shot a San Diego County sheriff’s deputy in the leg at the sheriff’s station in Lemon Grove while unloading a handgun that was seized by a joint task force Monday.
Some people think only government workers should own guns.

Imam, 38, who raped a boy in a mosque toilet after a religious lesson was spared jail when community elders banished him abroad but then he secretly returned to the UK

The Daily Mail

California's housing shortage will hamper the economy, reports say

The L.A. Times

Pennsylvania taxpayers were top donors to DNC. Rent-Seeking Gone Real Wild.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:
After months of fighting efforts to make public the donors who paid for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the local fund-raising committee has released names and numbers.
There's more:
Pennsylvania taxpayers were the biggest donors through a $10 million grant the state Department of Community and Economic Development gave the committee.

Top donors included the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ($2.1 million), the Democratic Governors Association ($2 million), Independence Blue Cross ($1.5 million), the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA ($1.5 million), and Facebook ($1.45 million).

Comcast donated $5.1 million in in-kind services, which included personnel, telecommunications, hospitality and events, and $500,000 cash. Peco donated $1.25 million in in-kind services, listed as utility work and labor.
Pennsylvania taxpayers (Democrats For Hillary like it or not) ! Rent-seeking on steroids.

Guns N' Roses Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd November Rain live Coachella, April 23, 2016

Hillary Denies Election Fraud But Wants To Federalize Elections


'He is far more than a putz': Jewish grandparents slam 'lying tyrant' Trump in hilarious video rant - and threaten to ‘haunt their grandkids' Tinder' if they dare to vote for him

The Daily Mail on the Jewish , socialist attack on Trump.

Uh, Hillary, Your Hubby Caused the 2008 Recession

The American Thinker

BlackRock sounds alarm about growing risk in Treasurys

Marketwatch reports:
The world’s largest asset manager joined the chorus of investors warning that expensive U.S. Treasurys could pose a danger to portfolios as the Federal Reserve moves closer to a rate increase and the Bank of Japan ramps up efforts to steepen the yield curve.

“It’s time to rethink the role of U.S. Treasurys in portfolios, and specifically to be cautious of long-duration Treasurys,” wrote Richard Turnill, global chief investment strategist at BlackRock, in a Monday note. “The risk-reward landscape for long-duration Treasurys is shifting.”

Duration measures the sensitivity of a bond’s price to changes in yield. As bond investors know, debt prices rise as yields fall and vice versa. Duration estimates just how much bond prices will change as the yield rises or falls. The longer the maturity, the longer the duration and the more sensitive a bond price is to changes in yield. That means that a small rise in yields can have an outsize impact on the value of long duration bonds in a portfolio.
Just a reminder.

Alaska State Agency Wrote Anti-Trump Tweets During The Debate

The Daily Caller

New England welcomed nearly 650 Syrian refugees in the past year

The Boston Globe

The two largest hospitals in the Syrian city of Aleppo are bombed

Veteran banking analyst believes Deutsche Bank is "too big to fail"

BREAKING: Former Israeli President Shimon Peres has died at 93 after suffering major stroke.

Portland Public Schools executive implicated in lead scandal resigns


Chicago Sun-Times Liberal Columnist Neil Steinberg : Donald Trump is going to be elected president

Liberal columnist Neil Steinberg of The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Donald Trump is going to be elected president of the United States on Nov. 8.

At least I believe he will. I’m not the Delphic oracle. But that seems the direction we’re heading, and Monday night’s debate only reinforced my suspicion.
Remember, this is Neil Steinberg who sees government as a benevolent institution.

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