Thursday, April 26, 2018

Antifa 'revolutionaries' realise that there isn't going to be any communist revolution today!

Ford quitting every car in North America but two

Crain's Chicago Business

Institute For Justice: Today, we filed a federal lawsuit challenging the city of Washington, D.C.’s requirement that day care providers earn a college degree on top of all of the other training they already have.

What other professions will rent-seekers demand a college degree for in the near future???? Will rent-seekers eventually demand a college degree to become a parent (people who are often watching children for long stretches of time) ?

NH US attorney charges 45 people, including some illegal aliens, in major fentanyl trafficking operation based in the sanctuary city of Lawrence, MA. Lawrence officials would not cooperate in operation or in announcement of bust.

Since 1990, immigration levels have surged to more than 1 MILLION EACH YEAR! Congress' refusal to reduce this number is taking a toll on American workers. More than 15 MILLION Americans are looking for full-time work but can't find it.

The Liberal Establishment's Cass Sunstein: "The Second Amendment: The Constitution's Most Mysterious Right"

Cass Sunstein is upset of the changed thinking about the individual rights to bear arms.

Pity The Poor Government Worker, Says The NY Times


Cabot Phillips Talks Identity Politics With Stuart Varney

Daily Beast Suspends Joy Reid Column Over ‘Serious’ Accusations About Past Homophobic Blog Posts

The Wrap

Stossel: Armed Teachers

Civil Service Reform

Why Does Politics Yield Perverse Outcomes Again and Again?

Christians Deceived by the LGBTQ Movement

The American Thinker

A new study in the Journal of Climate says climate models over-predict warming by as much as 45%. What? You haven't heard about this?

If you do not already own a home it's getting harder and harder to buy one. Meanwhile, rent outstrips wage growth.

Mueller, Comey & Fitzgerald, the band’s back together again

Lee Cary

Republican governors and Democratic legislatures have cut unsustainable deals with public unions for 25 years. Malloy may have inherited an awful situation and made it worse, but laws shielding public unions from reality have been a bipartisan disaster.

MSNBC pulls a Sinclair, compares corporate owner Comcast to Nelson Mandela

RT reports:
After bashing Sinclair Broadcasting for having its news anchors read a corporate script praising the group’s journalistic standards, MSNBC did the same on Friday,as its journalists extolled the virtues of MSNBC’s owner, Comcast.

In a ‘Morning Joe’ segment presented as news, Comcast forced its anchors to read a commercial for “Comcast Cares Day,” during which Al Sharpton compared the corporate giant’s social message to that of Nelson Mandela.

“We do this as a company because as a big company, as a big corporation, we certainly appreciate that we have a responsibility to give back to the communities,” Comcast Senior Executive Vice President David Cohen said. “When we’re organized like this, we can do 17 years of this incredible day of service, which has a huge impact on one day but is really a celebration of the fact that we care every day of the year.”

Other Comcast-owned NBC affiliates parroted the same message, including NBC 5 in Chicago, NBC 10 in Philadelphia, NBC 4 in Los Angeles and the Denver Post. Journalist Glenn Greenwald described the feel-good corporate plug as “creepy and humiliating,” while Adam Johnson, a writer with FAIR Media Watch, called the message “cultish.”
Just a reminder the next time a Social Justice Warrior expresses outrage over something in the media they don't like.

Amazon's new Echo for kids will train your children to say "please"

Since the 1950s, the % of workers requiring a license has grown from 5% to ~30%. Excessive occupational licensing prevents mobility & leads to inequality. We need to rethink #licensing & ensure ALL Americans have access to equal economic opportunities

Free trade always works out better than regulated trade. Want proof? Just look within the borders of the US.

Kanye West appears to lose millions of followers because of Twitter "inconsistency"

Children, who aren’t especially good at governing themselves, shouldn’t have a say in governing a republic whose founding documents were devised to filter and limit the power of the mob.

ANOTHER TRUMP WIN: CBO Projects Highest Level Of Growth Of GDP In 15 Years

Media Matters: No Advertiser Boycott for Joy Reid

Kanye West Attacked By Leftist Talk Show Hosts For Getting Off The Plantation

Stephen Colbert, Democrat party operative with TV show who isn't poor, talks about Kanye and Kanye's wealth....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Melania Trump

“Less than a year before the campaign started, Bill and Trump golfed together at Trump National. Bill casually encouraged Trump to run, thinking his candidacy would roil the Republican field.”

Rep. Nunes: DOJ Is Stalling on Surrendering Documents to Congress in Hopes That Dems will Win in November (VIDEO)

Substantial thread looking at the Joy Reid evidence. Reid falsely claimed the posts were made by hackers. Note that while Reid has censored the HTTP archive at the Internet Archive the HTTPS archive still works

Congressman Louie Gohmert Just Absolutely Wrecked Robert Mueller With Epic 48-Page Investigative Blowout; We Have it Here

Theory and History (Introduction) by Ludwig von Mises

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani: Comey is ‘an absolute embarrassment to the FBI’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Kaepernick Not Getting Signed Is The Worst Example Of ‘Punishing Free Expression’ In America

It's as if Chris Hayes hasn't heard of America's universities....

Hatred of Whites on Twitter

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