Wednesday, January 18, 2017

U.S. Satisfaction With Immigration Levels Reaches New High


Since FDR, inaugurations were star-studded events — until now

The Boston Globe

Why Republicans hate Obamacare

ACLU Official Mocks Elderly White People, Tells Them They Have ‘Five Years Left’

The Daily Caller

Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized for shortness of breath. The Old and Ailing Skull and Bones Member Makes News.

The Chicago Tribune

JOE BIDEN TO DAVOS: The top 1% must pay its fair share or else…

Modern factories will never provide anything quite like the mass employment of the past

Party Down: The Democrats' curious decline and uncertain future

Skull and Bones Member John Kerry Criticizes Trump For Calling Merkel’s Invasion A Catastrophe

Constitution Rising

Donald Trump’s new 2020 campaign slogan is very, well, Donald Trump

"Everything Is A Partial Reversal Of Yesterday" - Stocks, Dollar Rebound Following Trump Scare

GOP senators plan to introduce ObamaCare replacement on Monday

Dem senator hits DeVos for refusing to say that guns shouldn't be allowed in schools

In an epic final speech, Joe Biden warns the progressive democratic world order is at risk of collapse

Even more so than national politics, municipal politics is shaped by huge age disparity in who votes.

A new CNN/ORC poll finds Obama's approval rating now stands at 60% - the third-highest of any outgoing president

Flashback: New York Times Reporters Look at the 2016 Election Before the Election

The New York Times mindset on display right before the debates. The New York Times reporters confer.

Paul Ryan Picks Fight with Donald Trump Over Big Pharma Corruption: ‘I Don’t Speak Like That, Generally Speaking’

Big Government

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