Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe Says Government Was Protecting America By Spying On Trump Campaign [VIDEO

France has completely submitted... Jihadists cheer the renaming of Victory Square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral to ‘Nakba’ which means "catastrophe"

Floored Into The Pit

Gallup : In U.S., Estimate of LGBT Population Rises to 4.5%


Stossel: Junk Science Locks Up Innocent People

New Socialist Plan For Education. Democrats have a better deal for teachers and our kids, too: Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi

USA Today

Today Congress will finally deliver relief from the onerous Dodd-Frank regulations that have crushed America’s community banks.

Former President Jimmy Carter says President Trump has a shot at winning the Nobel Peace Prize if he's able to work out a significant peace deal on the Korean Peninsula

Are U.S. Colleges and Universities Barring Asian Applicants Based on their Race?

Student Sues High School After Being Suspended For Wearing Pro-Trump T-Shirt

The Gateway Pundit

Denmark's immigration minister says Muslims fasting for Ramadan pose safety hazard and are 'dangerous for us all'

MSNBC is reporting that Texas parents at the last School shooting are talking of homeschooling.

Coveted exemptions from Trump’s travel ban remain elusive for citizens of Muslim-majority countries

Western Illinois University’s admissions and budget directors had some very bad news for the institution yesterday

Capitol Fax

Parents are now teaching their children that gender is fluid and that they can choose who and what they want to be. Is this a new form of child abuse?

York University in Toronto, Canada's black student group, The Blacks Students Alliance or YUBSA, exclusively provide first aid training for black students only.

North Seattle College student Noor Shahin @palestinebleeds said to cut off the Jews' heads and to s**t on them

She's not racist at all. Jemele Hill Calls American Flag and Anthem Respect a ‘Dog Whistle’

A Nebraska professor was found guilty of vandalizing the home of an NRA lobbyist with fake blood.

Tucker Confronts Dem Congressman for Hypocrisy of Personal Protection With Guns


Judge uses racial slur to describe defendant, blames New York upbringing

The New York Post

USC under federal investigation for anti-male discrimination

HIghest Wage Growth In 21 Years: Richmond Fed

VIDEO: Ohio unions will help bad teachers get away with assaulting students

Manafort’s Lawyers Suggest Key Mueller Deputy Andrew Weismann Is Leaking To Media

BUSTED: Mueller’s New Star Witness Against Trump Caught Partying at Exclusive Island Resort with Bill Clinton

What makes private companies better at maintenance than government?

Laura Wilkerson explains to Nancy Pelosi how her son was tortured, beaten, tied up, and set on fire, by an illegal alien

SC Dem candidate Parnell under pressure to quit as court files show 'physical cruelty' to ex-wife

Getting booted from Spotify's playlists didn't hurt R. Kelly's music streaming numbers

Bitcoin struggles for gains as range tightens

“You Are NOT Oppressed” Dave Rubin Calmly Destroys a Crazed Hyper-Victim

53% of millennials would go into credit card debt to attend a friend's wedding

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is stirring panic in immigrant communities by moving to limit who can get asylum in the United States.

GOP Not a Fan of Spending Cuts

Woman claims R. Kelly filmed nonconsensual sex, routinely locked her up. She is now suing the singer-songwriter for failure to disclose a sexually transmitted disease and accuses him of sexual battery

Despite age, 15-year-old fined $36 million for starting Oregon wildfire

"If You're Here Illegally, You Should Leave NOW!!" Tucker GOES OFF on Univision Anchor

Tribalism, identity politics, and the IDW | Robert Wright & Michael Brooks [The Wright Show]

Netherlands: 1,400 Underage Girls Forced into Sex Slavery Each Year by ‘Migrant Background’ Males

Comrade Harris Under The Illusion That Many Black Women Will Not Become Disemployed At $15 Hour Minimum Wage.

A small St. Louis suburb has agreed to stop trying bankroll its government with a vicious regime of petty fines so excessive that the town has cited more than a third of its population.

De Blasio, one of the few New York politicians who has voiced opposition to legalizing weed, said Monday it’s “likely inevitable” that New York state will legalize the drug.

Proposed bill punishes officials who tip off illegal immigrants

Follow the money?

Not to minimize the tragedy of the #TexasShooting, but it's important to note that there are fewer school shootings now than during the 1990s

13 Baltimore city high schools, zero students proficient in math

It's time to start thinking about shutting down these kind of government schools.

Study: 2013 Chicago School Closings Failed To Help Students


E-mails Show FBI Brass Discussed Dossier Details With CNN

Muslim women march through London. This is what multiculturalism & mass immigration has brought to the West

UK: Muslim migrant raped young woman because “her skirt was too short”: A migrant from Sudan has been convicted of posing as a cab driver and raping a vulnerable woman to reenact a ‘fake taxi’ porno in Hull, England.

Illinois residents fleeing state over taxes and dysfunctional politics.

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