Saturday, March 17, 2018

Two US lawmakers have introduced a bill that would put quarters featuring prominent women from American history into the US coin circulation

A new kind of doctor's office that doesn't take insurance and charges a monthly fee is 'popping up everywhere' — and that could change how we think about healthcare

The Business Insider

More and more U.S. politicians are accepting campaign donations in bitcoin. That makes it easier for them to dodge campaign finance laws, critics argue.

Have Americans forgotten the millions of people killed under communism? Death By Government .

Residents Of This State Pay The Highest Taxes In The US

Can you say Illinois?

Mueller’s New Star Witness Against Trump Caught Partying at Exclusive Island Resort with Bill Clinton

L.A. Times Editorial Board Thinks Socialist Health Insurance Is More Efficient

The L.A. Times editorial board thinks socialism is cheaper and more efficient than a free market in health insurance:
A single-payer system could improve the situation on several fronts. By combining everyone into one risk pool, it would reduce the average cost of coverage. With only one insurer to deal with, doctors and hospitals could slash the cost of billing and tracking who pays for what care, potentially cutting expenses by 14%, UCSF estimated. Removing private insurers from the mix would eliminate their markups.
It's as if the L.A. Times editorial board hasn't heard of the fact that government workers cost more money than private sector workers in the short run and long run...

Chicago Public School Students Call Closing Schools An Act of Violence

The Chicago Sun-Times

Jeff Deist: Are Millennials Abandoning Liberty?

University offers guide on 'talking to kids about whiteness'

Campus Reform

Terror-tied group CAIR sues NYPD for removing suspects’ hijabs for mug shots

California’s unspent mental health funds are an outrage. The unspent money is needed now for the nearly 20 percent of Californians with mental issues.

The San Jose Mercury News reports:
Californians should be outraged by a recent state auditor’s report showing that counties have failed to spend $2.5 billion in taxpayer money that is intended to help the mentally ill.

So much for the 2004 promise to voters that the Proposition 63 tax on millionaires would keep the mentally ill “off the streets, out of the hospital and out of jail.”

But don’t pin the blame entirely on county officials. The problem begins with the volatile nature of the tax, which raises $1 billion-$2 billion a year. The massive fluctuations create budgeting headaches for counties that can’t rely on a reliable source of income to fund programs.

Litigation over use of the money has contributed to the confusion. And a lack of leadership and oversight at the state level contributes to what can best be described as an ongoing mess. Fourteen years after Prop. 63 was passed, state officials do not have the necessary data to determine which Prop. 63 programs are producing promised results, nor even timely reports on what money is being spent where by counties.

It must be noted that a large percentage of the money raised by Prop. 63 funding has gone to programs helping tens of thousands of mentally ill patients in California. The outrage is that the unspent money is needed now for the nearly 20 percent of Californians with mental issues.
California ballot initiatives: the God that failed...

Treasure hunters think they found lost Civil War gold – worth $27 million today – in Pa

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Will Rahm Emanuel Ask Garry McCarthy If He's Ever Been To The White Eagle Events & Convention Center ?

Former Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy plans to run against Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of the city of Chicago. Will Rahm Emanuel publicly ask Garry McCarthy if he's ever been to the White Eagle Banquet Hall in Niles , Illinois? Was Garry McCarthy ever there with his previous wife?

McCarthy to declare candidacy for Chicago mayor next week: source

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy on Friday refused to confirm or deny that he will jump into the 2019 race for mayor next week, emboldened by internal polling that shows him neck-and-neck with the mayor who fired him.

“We’re not commenting,” McCarthy told the Chicago Sun-Times, via text messaging. He repeatedly refused to say more in a follow-up phone call.
Stay tuned...

SPLC Pulls Three Russia-Related Articles After Challenges To Accuracy

The Daily Caller reports :
The Southern Poverty Law Center has removed three Russia-related articles from its website following challenges to the articles’ accuracy.

The three articles all focused on drawing conspiratorial connections between anti-establishment American political figures and Russian influence operations in the United States.

The left-wing nonprofit apologized on Wednesday for a March 9 article that linked left-wing writers and activists to Russians and white nationalists. The article sparked an intense backlash from the left-wingers, who accused the SPLC of smearing them with inaccurate accusations. One of the writers, Max Blumenthal, threatened legal action before the SPLC removed that article.

The SPLC also quietly pulled two other Russia-related articles by the same author, Portland State University lecturer Alexander Reid Ross.
Mistakes were made.

Princeton Professor Defends Free Speech In New Book : Speak Freely Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech

Princeton University Press has a new book coming out by Professor Keith E. Whittington:
Free speech is under attack at colleges and universities today, with critics on and off campus challenging the value of open inquiry and freewheeling intellectual debate. Too often speakers are shouted down, professors are threatened, and classes are disrupted. In Speak Freely, Keith Whittington argues that universities must protect and encourage free speech because vigorous free speech is the lifeblood of the university. Without free speech, a university cannot fulfill its most basic, fundamental, and essential purposes, including fostering freedom of thought, ideological diversity, and tolerance.

Examining such hot-button issues as trigger warnings, safe spaces, hate speech, disruptive protests, speaker disinvitations, the use of social media by faculty, and academic politics, Speak Freely describes the dangers of empowering campus censors to limit speech and enforce orthodoxy. It explains why free speech and civil discourse are at the heart of the university’s mission of creating and nurturing an open and diverse community dedicated to learning. It shows why universities must make space for voices from both the left and right. And it points out how better understanding why the university lives or dies by free speech can help guide everyone—including students, faculty, administrators, and alumni—when faced with difficult challenges such as unpopular, hateful, or dangerous speech.

Timely and vitally important, Speak Freely demonstrates why universities can succeed only by fostering more free speech, more free thought—and a greater tolerance for both.
We suggest anyone who's concerned about free speech to buy this book.

“Justice Department Inspector General and the FBI office that handles discipline had found “that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor — including under oath — on multiple occasions.””

Poll: Warren Buffett is No. 1 political endorsement among businesspeople

Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data firm that was a top vendor to Trump’s 2016 campaign

Chicago GOP planning to sue Chicago Public Schools over organizing gun control walkout

How Obama school discipline guidelines allowed school shooter to buy gun despite troubling past

The Blaze

Some see the split driven by market competition vs. govt regulation.

Kathie Lee Gifford thinks men are afraid to date her

The type of exercise that helps you live longer

NYPD reportedly hid Weinstein accuser from his cronies at the Manhattan DA

The New York Post

What your dreams REALLY mean

Saudi Arabia has lifted its decades-long ban on cinema. With theaters popping up across the country, female film students are eager to learn the ropes.

Russia Expels 23 U.K. Diplomats In Retaliatory Move

Peter Strozk was buddy of judge who recused himself from Michael Flynn case: Report

Being a mom is the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs

Professors are banning laptops in class and demanding students take notes by hand, spurring complaints and hand cramps

Controversial 'Immigration Reform' group buys inflammatory BART ads, but BART can't remove them

The San Francisco Chronicle

Sara Carter: McCabe firing can’t be a political hit job

'Avengers: Infinity War' Has Already Broken a Ticket-Sales Record

Oakland mayor consulted with illegal-immigration activists before tipping off ICE raid

Fox News

Climate experts say the 1,196 Maldives islands will be drowned no later than this year. The situation is so bad, you can buy a home there for less than £11,000,000.

Efforts to restrict imports of various steel products annually cost American consumers between $200,000 and $2.3 million (2017 Dollars) for every U.S. steel industry job protected.

Teacher Posts Salary on Facebook, Asks Why She's Paid so Little Even With a College Degree

Newsweek reports:
Fed up with low pay and nearly meaningless salary bumps, an Arizona teacher posted her salary to Facebook alongside an exasperated message, according to multiple reports this week. Whispering Wind Academy teacher Elisabeth Milich wrote her pay was not a living wage.

A picture of paperwork, apparently revealing her pay of $35,490 per year, showed her getting an additional $131 in pay the next year after taking developmental classes, according to Arizona newspaper The Republic. Milich has since deleted the photo.
For you rookies out there: chemical engineering pays better than being a teacher by and large...

San Diego ICE office arrests 115 unauthorized immigrants in 3-day operation

The San Diego Union Tribune reports:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers working out of the San Diego field office arrested 115 unauthorized immigrants over a large, three-day operation that ended Thursday, officials said.

Though the field office covers both San Diego and Imperial counties, all but seven of the arrests were in San Diego County. Though arrests happened in cities across the county, many were concentrated in North County, according to Greg Archambeault, field officer director for ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations in San Diego.

Officers from other parts of the country came to San Diego to help locate and arrest a targeted list of people who had criminal convictions or had been arrested on criminal charges, had been ordered deported by an immigration judge or had returned to the U.S. after being deported, Archambeault said.

“Operations like this reflect the vital work ERO officers do every day to protect the nation, uphold public safety and protect the integrity of our immigration laws and border controls,” Archambeault said. “We will continue to conduct similar operations, while seeking to ultimately deport at-large criminal targets and other immigration fugitives who pose a threat to public safety.”

Though reports of large-scale arrests have surfaced to much political controversy since President Donald Trump took office, this is the first such operation that the San Diego field office has publicized during his administration.

“We’ve done it under different administrations,” Archambeault explained. “It’s nothing new doing a large-scale operation, but we haven’t had one here for some time.”

It was coincidental that the operation started on the day of the president’s visit to San Diego, he said.

The majority of those arrested were from Mexico, and other arrests included citizens of Honduras, Guatemala, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Peru.

Forty-three percent of those arrested had criminal convictions.

The agency highlighted several arrests, including a 43-year-old man from Mexico who lived in Oceanside and was a member of Center Street Locos gang. He had four prior deportations and multiple criminal convictions, including grand theft, controlled substance for sale and a DUI, officials said.
No word yet on how many illegals arrested had 1600 on their SAT scores, or how many are working on cancer cures...

President Trump's Statement on Andrew McCabe's Firing : Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!

President Trump says Andrew McCabe got what was coming to him....

He supplies coffee to Starbucks. He owns much of Ethiopia. Where is Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi?

Ride-hailing apps are now 65% bigger than taxis in New York City. Look at the slope of these graphs..

British Court Orders Christopher Steele To Appear For Deposition In Dossier Lawsuit

McCabe was Comey's protege. Judicial Watch uncovered docs showing Comey blessed McCabe's conflicts-ridden involvement in Clinton investigation.

The often wrong Paul Krugman thinks he found someone who's more wrong than Paul Krugman himself.

Chicago Mob Linked Eric Holder Calls The Firing of Andrew McCabe "Cruel"

Chicago Mob linked Eric Holder doesn't know all the facts but it willing to makes a judgement!

Mass. state rep. calls for removal of sign honoring Civil War Union General Joseph Hooker because of the ‘hooker’ part


Meet the tech evangelist who now fears for our mental health

The Guardian reports:
Belinda Parmar was a passionate advocate of the digital revolution – but has started keeping her family’s smartphones and laptops locked away to protect her loved ones. Is she right to be so worried?
An article worth your time.

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